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Motorcoaches are the greenest form of transportation (April 23, 2014)

A new report commissioned by the American Bus Association Foundation and conducted by M.J.Bradley and Associates shows that, when it comes to fuel efficiency and carbon emissions, motorcoaches are the cleanest mode of transportation. The study compares motorcoaches to 11 other modes, including intercity rail (Amtrak), transit buses, commuter rail, domestic air travel and private automobiles. Across all 11 models, motocoaches are the leader in environmentally conscious transportation.


Motorcoaches average nearly 240 passenger miles per gallon, while intercity reail averages 85, commuter rail 90, transit buses 70, domestic air travel 55 and single - occupant cars 28. In terms of carbon dioxide emissions, motocoaches are more than twice as efficient as the next closest mode, more than tthree times as efficient as Amtrak and eight times more efficient than a single - occupant car. This report shows that, in addition to motorcoach transportation’s inherent advantages in pricing, flexibility and on- board amenities, travelers can choose motorcoaches based on sustainability, as well.


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