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July 2019

Hello to Hanover Holidays and Parsons Bus Company.

I have just arrived back in Ontario after the best two weeks in Newfoundland. I wanted to send both companies an email to express how awesome your two employees are.

Jan was super organized and made every day amazing! She accommodated when needed and gave us a spectacular Newfoundland experience. The relationships she has with the hospitality providers throughout Newfoundland is a treasure I hope Hanover Holidays appreciates! I’d recommend a trip she was doing to anyone!

Mike was a fantastic driver! He got us to all the places we needed to go, and made each day excellent. On the day we came back from Labrador and ran into the problem, Mike handle the situation professionally and with out any real inconvenience to any of us. He went out of his way to make sure we were all ok. I’d hop on any bus that he was driving!

I am sure that throughout the tour season both of your companies receive complaints, and I wanted to make sure you also receive some that just tell you how awesome your staff is.

But if you really need to have a complaint it is this- I wish they didn’t make me get off the bus at the Deer lake airport and I could have just stayed with them touring around Newfoundland! 😂

Take care & be proud of your staff!

Lisa Irwin

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