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Sept 2016

We just wanted to send you a note and let you know how our trip was to Newfoundland.

We had a fabulous time! We couldn’t have had a better time, everything was wonderful.
Think we even had the weather person on our side as we only had one day of rain and this was mostly a travelling day.
Our tour director- Jan and bus driver- Mike were exceptional. Their concern and professionalism was amazing! They both know their province and share it with pride and enthusiasm.

Our accommodations were very comfortable and you felt at home. We enjoyed every meal that we had and we thought it was great that we ate at smaller restaurants. I always like to support the smaller businesses and this is what we did.

We certainly enjoyed the entertainment that we were privileged to. I have said since I have returned home that my toes did a lot of tapping.

Since returning home we have talked to a few people that have also travelled to Newfoundland and everyone thought that we were very lucky to have seen and experienced so much of Newfoundland.

Before we left Ontario we had a few things on our wish list to experience in Newfoundland, puffins, ice burgs, moose and whales. We were fortunate to experience all of these things and so much more.

The whole trip is well organized! From our pick up driver, help at the airport and the booking agents. Being brought home after returning to Toronto was amazing. You made us feel very welcome and took all the worry out of our trip. Our travel companions on the tour were great! Everyone was always on time for departures making it wonderful for all. We met several people that we have since been in contact with and hope to continue a friendship.

The Viking Tour of Newfoundland is top notch, and we both highly recommend it to all. We were so glad we did the 12 day tour and not the 7 day as we wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of the experience that we had.

Bob and Brenda Krueger

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