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Feb. 2016
"This has been an amazing tour.  Rosemary had music, the right blend of soft music to fit the days themes, informative on area we visited.  The extras were wonderful.  Dave was a gem, helpful.  I would recommend this experience to anyone.  We are sorry it is ending."
Toronto, ON

Feb. 2016
"We had no complaints.  We had a wonderful holiday and felt it was worth every penny.  We enjoyed our fellow passengers.  Can't say enough about Dave and Rosemary!  They were awesome!."
Peterborough, ON

Feb. 2016
"This was an excellent tour and made the best by the tour guide and driver!"
Barrie, ON

Feb. 2015
"I had a wonderful trip and holiday.  Hotels were all very good.  Thanks to our driver Dave and our Tour Guide Elizabeth."
Kitchener, ON

Feb. 2015
"The Tour was everything I thought it would be.  Elizabeth was wonderful.  She made everything flow and made sure we were always comfortable and driver Dave was very informative.  They were a great team."
London, ON

Feb. 2015
"Very nice tour, seen everything as listed.  Tour guide was excellent, went out of her way because of weather to change things so we could see everything."
Arthur, ON

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