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Ailsa Craig

Craigwiel Gardens

 221 Ailsa Craig Main St, Ailsa Craig, ON N0M 1A0

Mini Bus 2624

This vehicle is wide like a full size motor coach and offers our guests air ride suspension, climate control, reclining seats, and over head small luggage storage.    Carrying a total of 24 passengers, we tend to use this shuttle only on larger and longer shuttles.

2624back 2624int 2624side




Van 2607

This is a 2006 Chevrolet Van that we use to shuttle a maximum of 7 passengers.   Climate control and a typically comfortable Chevrolet ride, make it a relaxing way for our clients to get to the start of the tour.   Our guests will also find plenty of rear luggage capacity in case they happen to do a little shopping during their time away!!


2607side 2607back




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